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I live on Kaua’i, a beautiful small island in the mid-Pacific. And, like the island, my kitchen is small – as small as a kitchen should ever be, especially if you love to cook and prepare all the food from scratch. 
When you have a small kitchen, you understand and appreciate every square inch of your small space, and following the dictum that “less is more,” I am constantly cutting down on my appliances and tools — only keeping what is most useful. In small spaces, you have to be smart organizing your storage, and clever at how you use your cooking area. This all means less cluttered and purposefully curated space.

As I don’t have a lot of storage, I think carefully about every ingredient I acquire, and opt for fresh ingredients in small quantities, as they all have to fit in. Every tool and appliance I own has a purpose — there are no useless, trendy gadgets. 
Clutter is not an option. I simply can’t afford to let my limited space get messy or unorganized, as I need to be able to fit all our dishes, glasses, food, and appliances in my small physical space. The upside is that it takes less time to keep the kitchen clean and organized.

In spite of the space constraints, I still strive to make great food. I experiment a lot as I consider cooking one of my creative outlets – a tiny workspace does not diminish the quality or taste of what I create. 

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