for complicated eaters


Like a super sleuth, WHATiEAT manages users’ own nutritional identity and profiles the culinary tastes of users’ guests by collecting information via SMS before they come to a social gathering, such as a formal dinner, party, or wedding reception.  In much the same way dating apps outline the personal traits and preferences of people who want to date online, WHATiEAT tells you exactly what you need to know about users’ eating habits and their nutritional profile – before they get to your social event. WHATiEAT is meant for private chefs, home cooks, wedding planners, or logistics coordinators at any institution that serves food. It organizes individual profiles received and summarizes group results by common traits. WHATiEAT is a winner because it: IDENTIFIES your food allergies DEFINES your dietary preferences          ESTABLISHES your dietary profile           SHARES your profile with those preparing your food ENSURES a culinary strategy that pleases everyone YOU ARE THE COOK OR PARTY PLANNER and you need to know who eats what: WHATiEAT captures your invited guests’ nutritional profiles and delivers them to you.   NUTRITIONAL PROFILES are organized into group results by common traits. Thirty-two million Americans, including 5.6 million children under the age of 18, have food allergies, according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). That is one in 13 children or roughly two in every classroom. Accordingly, detailed information about who eats what might be potentially lifesaving. WHY DO YOU NEED WHATiEAT Imagine you’re having a dinner party tomorrow night for 10 guests. Serving up the right courses for all of them could be a nightmare if one guest’s a vegan, another eats only meat, a third is allergic to broccoli, and yet another doesn’t eat soup or pudding. What are you going to do? …  a wedding planner …  a chef on a chartered yacht …  a sports camp coordinator hosting hundreds of young athletes. …  anyone having to cook for a group of fussy eaters. Don’t worry –  WHATiEAT has come to the rescue to determine the exact dietary preferences of everyone who is going to “EAT”